Stained Glass Windows
     The window facing west in the sanctuary is known as the Garfield window.  It was given in memory of George and Sarah Garfield.  George was born in 1840 in Hague, NY, which is on Lake George.  He was the son of Nathaniel and Charlotte Harwood Garfield, and we can trace his family tree back to Edward Garfield, who was born in 1575 in England and immigrated to this continent in 1630. 
     Sarah A. Fowler Garfield was born on May 20, 1844 in Marlboro on the Hudson (north of Newburgh).  She was the daughter of Richard and Charity Halstead Fowler.  She joined the Holley First Presbyterian Church in 1864. George and Sarah both had grandfathers who fought in the Revolutionary War.
     At age 25, George considered himself a merchant.  At 30, he was a clerk in a warehouse.  At 40, he was a grain buyer and shipper.  George held the position of Trustee and Clerk in this church.  He also was an officer in the Ancient Order of Union Workers.  In 1880, George and Sarah lived on Gettes Street in Holley. 
     George and Sarah had two sons.  Charles Fowler Garfield was born on October 10, 1872, and Henry Harwood Garfield was born on June 25, 1877.  George died on December 3, 1888 at age 48.  The boys were only 16 and 11 years old.
     Sarah must have done a good job of raising the boys.  The following was taken from History of Rochester and Monroe County, printed in 1908:

     "Charles Fowler Garfield is a young man who has gained a distinctively representative position as a financier and business man, especially prominent in real estate operations....  Both the paternal and maternal grandfathers of our subject were soldiers of the Revolutionary War, and both families have been connect with banking and mercantile business through many years.  George Garfield died in 1888, and his wife in 1907.  The only other surviving member of hte family, H. Harwood Garfield, is now vice president of the C.F. Garfield Real Estate company."

     Mr. Garfield married Myra A. Shipley in 1894. They had no children.  The picture of Christ "Come Unto Me" by Heinrich Hofmann has been lighted at night since 1954. 

     The windows on the north side of the sanctuary are:
1.     "Angel Emerging from the Tomb," symbolizing the resurrected Christ.  It was given in memory of Luther D. Hurd by his wife Jennette Hurd. 
2.     "A Dove Over a Triple Fountain," symbolizing the peace of Christ flowing from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It was given in memory of Robert McCargo.
3.     "The Angel Sitting on the Empty Tomb," symbolizing the resurrected Christ.  It was given in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Ferry by their daughter Ellen Hurd.

     On the south side of the church, in the small library room is a window carrying the symbol of the Bible and Lily, representing the eternal word of God in the resurrected Christ.  The Mission Band donated this window.   continuing in the sanctuary on the south side is the window "The Crown of Jewels," presented by the family of W.H. Farrand, symbolizing the eternal crown of Christ's glory.  

     The window in the tower vestibule was presented by Class 8 and carries a crown with class name under it.  The name of their teacher, Mrs. H.D.Munger is inscribed in this window. 

     The oil painting on the south side of the sanctuary was given by the young people of the church in memory of Douglas Perry, a friend and classmate who died October 12, 1958 at age 15.  Miss Jennie Thomas, Holley High School's Art Teacher, donated her time and talents to paint a 9' x 7' canvas of "Christ in Gethsemane," patterned after the one done by Heinrich Hofmann.