Mission Statement    At the First Presbyterian Church of Holley, we are committed to:
...   providing a place for worship and sanctuary for all people
...   creating opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and Christian development for people of all ages
...   being a close and connected church that is proactive and forward-focused
...   being good stewards of God's gifts, resulting in financial stability, good governance and inclusive, diverse                               congregation
...   walking in the way of Jesus by being caring and accepting toward each person, whatever their particular                                circumstances
...   being a force for good on local, regional and global levels

Session     The Session is the governing body of elders in the church.  Carol Lane is the Session Clerk.  

The Board of Deacons  give care to those who are lonely, dealing with health issues or having other difficulties in their lives. They  are also responsible for preparing the elements for Holy Communion each month and for providing Coffee Hour refreshments. 

What do we want to accomplish at Holley Presbyterian?   
Spiritual Growth
  •       growth in numbers
  •      attract youth through programs
  •      provide programs for now attenders and new attenders
  •      growth in commitment
  •      spiritual well-being
Provide a Place for Worship and Sanctuary
  •      provide sanctuary for all - a place of peace
  •      continue to serve God through worship and service
  •      provide meaningful and engaging worship
  •      create a comfortable atmosphere
Provide for People with Special Needs
  •      servicing needs: congregational and community
  •      providing for those with special needs
  •      handicap lift
  •      provide comfort and counsel for those in need 
  •      handicap accessible building
  •      continue to show care and concern for others
Good Governance
  •      open meetings non-judgmental
  •      inclusive decision-making
  •      improve communication between session and members
  •      channel for voicing opinions on decision-making
  •      educate members on the "Presbyterian Way"
Financial Stability
  •      fundraising
  •      economical
  •      financial solvency
Increase Community Involvement
  •      leadership and action plan for community
  •      connect to needs outside the church as well as inside
Increase Public Awareness
  •      making church more visible
  •      become better known in our community
  •      public relations positive
  •      We exist, we're active and we're welcoming
Increase Christian Development 
  •      increase fellowship activities
  •      more programs to reach out to all ages
  •      active participation of all age groups
  •      more fully use our spaces - activity-filled
  •      more Christian education
  •      multi-age fellowship programs
  •       providing opportunities for social, educational, music and arts

                                                                                       First Presbyterian Church of Holley                                     
                                                                                   34  E. Albion Street, Holley, NY   14470