Secret Sisters   Women in the church are encouraged to participate in the Secret Sister program.  Randomly drawing another woman's name from a basket, each Secret Sister focuses on the chosen person for a year, sending a card on a special occasion, or perhaps a small gift on her birthday.  But, it is all done as a secret, not revealing who you are! The program is not about spending money; it is about caring for another person.  Every time your Secret Sister's name comes into your mind, pause and send a quick prayer for her.   Each spring, women gather at a banquet to share a meal and reveal who has been each others' Secret Sister for the past year. 

Men's Fellowship Men of the church meet on the third Saturday of each month at 9:30 am for devotionals, a short program and good fellowship.  Coffee and donuts are plentiful.  All are welcome!   

Mission and Community Work

 ... Cub Scout Pack  and Boy Scout Troop 62 call Holley Presbyterian Church home                                               ... Holley community Center - School supplies, Food Pantry, Winter Coats & Clothing , The Angel Tree Christmas Gifts                                                                                                                                                           ... Teddy Bears and Books for the Albion Prison Visitors' Center                                                                             ... Rio Bocay Project (Kayiskita School) in Nicaragua                                                                                                                                                          

"Let's Talk"  Every other Thursday morning, at 10:00 am, people gather to chat about the Bible-in-a-Year readings and other topics surrounding Spirit.  The meetings are in the conference room and led by our Pastor. 

Bible-in-a-Year  In January, 2016, many members of Holley Presbyterian chose to embark on the challenge of reading the entire Holy Bible in a year.   The New Revised Standard Version Daily Bible makes it easy to read, meditate and pray our way through the entire Bible in 365 daily segments.   Each day's reading begins with a ten-minute reading of a passage of Scripture.  Following the scripture and commentary is a short meditation and prayer.  Please consider this an invitation to start with us at any time and continue your own journey to complete the Bible in a year. 

Loving Hands Quilters     The quilters make quilts for the Community Center in Holley to be given to victims of Domestic Violence and/or catastrophes.    

Several publications are available to enhance your spiritual life at home.  They are displayed in the rear of the church.   Help yourself to a current issue.