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First Presbyterian Church of Holley                                                                      34 East Albion Street, Holley, NY   14470                                         585.638.6770          firstpresb@verizon.net

      We are a scripture-based, Christian community, where all are welcome.                                We are LIVE at the church, so please wear a mask and practice safe social distancing when you join us!  

      Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Holley!  We are a thriving Christian community, representing the hamlet of Holley, New York, and surrounding areas.  God has assembled us to be a force for love and goodness in our lives, our homes and our community.  

     Worship with us, eat a meal with us, come to a "Let's Talk" chat time, be married in our sanctuary, sing with us on the lawn for August worship, go on a mission trip to Nicaragua, share culinary delights at coffee hour and Harvest Dinners, be a Secret Sister, hold hands in the candlelight of Christmas Eve, picnic at the Holley Falls, share the Lord's Supper, or simply let the love of God and all of us wash over you and embrace you on a Sunday Morning.  You will find no pressure and a lot of new friends.